This is my second try at an anti Roman song

I hate Romans yes I do
I hate romans how 'bout you
I hate romans, they oppress jews
I hate romans you should too

Romani ite domum
No rules broken? I think any roman ugers would be offended. Honestly, I prefer songs that require some form of thought to write, but maybe you could get the cliched and simplistic rhymes to work somehow.....
Funny... after reading this, I haven't become Anti-Roman... yet very Anti-threadstarter...

Seriously though. This is, to put it nicely, crap. Obviously a joke and not to be taken serious.

Well, i'm not jewish... but i wasn't a big fan of Ceasar... so i guess it's okay
10/10 for originallness.
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I'm now an official Franzaholic.

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