i currently have a jackson kelly (JS30KE), the cheap kind, btw.

i was aiming for something arond $1000, but i couldnt find any V's around that price that i really liked except the gibson V, and these seem to beat it.

theres the KVX10 http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-JAC-2911300-501--m-2_46_108.html

or the RR3

i love that amber sunburst, and i love the rhoads shape. but i would like to know. whats the difference between these two, how big is the difference, and how much of an improvement is it from my current guitar (http://www.americanmusical.com/item--i-JAC-2900013-527.html)

i feel like since its only a couple hundred more it wont be that much better, but i really want a V shape with a floyd rose.
the main difference are the pickups. The KVX10 has the Duncan "Designed" and the RR3 actual duncans. I guess it depends on whether or not you are going to switch pickups. If you know how to do it yourself, you could upgrade the KVX for less than the difference cost wise between the two. I love the crimson swirl paint job though.
The RR also has a new low-profile trem. From what I've heard, it's supposed to be better than the old one.
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oh yeah btw guys... i already have the kelly in blue, and im not a fan of the crimson swirl. i was thinking transparent red but i cant find any pics of it except for the old 2005 models.
RR3 comes from the pro series. Meaning it's MIJ and has real Seymour Duncans. The King V is from the X Series. I'm not sure where they're made, but their build quality is lower and they have fake 'Duncan Designed' pickups.
^yeah, x series are also made in japan (at least my dinky was) and while im sure the build quality is lower, it is still very good at least i think it is with my fairly limited experience with guitars. duncan designed pickups are not fake either, theyre just the same deal to seymour duncans as squires are to fenders or epiphones are to gibsons.
Thats one thing I hate about buying a good (for me that about medium range) guitar, you get better pickups than a guitar a few hundred dollars cheaper, but yu end up switching them anyway.

Thats why Im thinking of going for a JS30RR whichh costs $300 instead of a RX10D which costs $450.
The $300 guitar has a fixed bridge whcih I dont mind at al, I almost prefer it. And the RX10D is not going to have a very good floyd rose so its would probably be better to have fixed bridge. Pl us the pickups are better in the RX10D, but im going to swap them out anyway, so Im paying moore for nothing.
But I do like the inlays alot in teh RX10D and it should be a bit better in general.

In your case I thinkits better to go with the RR3, you might not even need to swap the pickups, and the build is alot better. but i dont think they give you very nice duncans, it s the Duncan JB that comes stock btw.
If you like the Black w/Gold Pinstripes finish, then go to zZounds. Even though they are out of stock, you can get them for about $530 USD there. That's even cheaper than the '05 model.
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