arright.. i gotta say.. i started LISTENING to music AFTER i started playing guitar.. so im fairly new to it all..

But! I have figured out.. WHAT i like.. and thats songs like..

Under the bridge by RHCP

yknow.. one guitar, one voice.. maybe drums.. etc..

So I was just wondering.. I know its 'rock' but.. what are other songs such as this? I wanna perform songs for people.. and wow frankly.. im not sure what to play..

If someone could gimme a couple songs..

Im 'intermediate'.. not absolutely beginner.. been playin for bout 2 yrs on and off.. so.. fairly advanced songs, but still nice sounding...


I don't know what kind of music you're into but if you're talking about soloing with an acoustic you should check out Bright Eyes. It's mostly just Conor Oberst and his guitar doing their thing but I think the lyrics are fantastic, as is the music.
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Try some Jack Johnson, "Better Together" is a good song (only vox and guitar)
RHCP, "Californication" is a great song.
Look into Neutral Milk Hotel, they're a great band.
If you're good enough, you could try some Metallica, like "Nothing Else Matters" and "The Unforgiven".

Good luck!
wonderwall by oasis
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getbusydying -- Bright eyes.. not too bad.. thx

Well.. the thing I want is.. NOT just open chords and strumming the same thing over and over.. I kinda like that Jack johnson song, but i really cant think of anything better than Under the bridge to use as an example..

Almost hendrix type of thing just not that much soloing involved.. lol i know its real specific.. heehee..

plzzz.. thanks...
I also have to second the Beatles because you can NOT go wrong with them.
I watch my memories fade with time, but I'm too young to worry.... .a7x.
Oasis - Wonderwall
Dragon - April Sun In Cuba
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Well.. even being a CR junkie.. ive listened to the beatles on different occasions and different songs.. but i just didnt like them as much as i like ledzep, RHCP, Floyd, gnr.. etc...

btw.. thats my genre i guess.. classic rock...
Maybe Come as you are - Nirvana Thats about intermediate.
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Nick Drake, John Butler Trio, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice etc.

Well Godsmacks "Serenity" and shinedowns "45" are good songs that would be just you and a guitar. Tenacious D and Johnny Cash are good for just you and your guitar but that might not be your style
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
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eric clapton - layla
foo fighters - everlong
fuel - shimmer
jack johnson - rodeo clowns
dave matthews band - two step
pink floyd - wish you were here
eagle eye cherry - save tonight
the beatles - day tripper
marcy's playground - sex and candy
radiohead - creep
stone temple pilots - plush
oasis - wonderwall
phish - waste
david gray - babylon
the allman brothers band - melissa
the violent femmes - blister in the sun

all of these songs may or may not be suited for your musical tastes but they are all very recognizable songs to most people and are fun to play for people. they are also all good songs to sing along with. hope that helps!
Jack Johnson is awsome. Taylor is a great song if your up for a small challenge. Other songs by him are Banana Pancakes, Better Together, Sitting Waiting Wishing.
jack johnson is the man, i love his stuff. a really cool song i like to play solo acoustic is Julius by Phish (as well as Waste, listed above, including the dave matthews cover, which is very nice indeed). i also agree with babylon by grey, and melissa by the allman brothers, both great songs. if youve got a great voice your confident in, try midnight rider by allman brothers. cool guitar playing, great vocals.
my current favouirite song

Slow Cheetah- RHCP (Stadium Arcadium)

the intro and outro are just truly magnificent. i swear i could listen to the acoustic bit in the outro all day. it's very fun to play and it sounds great as well as being relatively simple.

perhaps im going off topic but i had to share that with the world! and give it a go battleguard!
In My Life-the Beatles
Hurt-Johnny Cash
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adhuv -- hells yea.. i gotta learn all of Stadium Arcadium.. lol everything is amazing... my fav is desecration smile tho...

yea.. im definitely gonna listen to every single one o those, but some just happen to BE to slow..

and i also cant stand strumming one pattern and a continuous cycle of chords while singing..

oh.. also.. i just discovered whitesnake.. good shat..

thx everyone

^^^Seems to me like you have been under the wrong ROCK buddy. Start listening to everything you can and eventually you will get under the right ROCK, the one with a guitar.
lolol.. eh.. I think Zepellin n Floyd is the rightest rock.. but thats me..

wut u mean by right rock?

Im thinking acoustic-ie stuff here
The beatles
-Norweign Wood

Davy Graham

-Tangerine Puppet
Those are just nice songs to learn, not to hard, but it feels really great to mess about with them once their mastered.
Have fun
damm thats really pretty dam good.. fleas the bass player tho right?

i thought bass players were good for nothings.. nvm...

i love the solo part of the video... tis nicee..