hi everyone

i usually play electric guitar but currently it is without strings.
i have been too lazy to go buy strings even though i want to play.
so i decided to start playing classical guitar that i have but rarely played.

i am used to using a pick all the time and not so much finger picking. well, i can fingerpick 'acoustic' type songs but i want to play flamenco, and from looking at tablatures i find it is different from the fingerpicking i am used to.

what are some techniques to playing flamenco?
(like how electric guitars have alternate picking, tapping, sweeping, etc)

any help would be appreciated.
many thanks

im afraid flamenco doesn't work that way. it is an art to be mastered seeing how flamenco is probably the most skilled thing to learn on the guitar. working on it alone with just advice and tablatures wont do the trick. i found that out the hard way after wasting money on non refundable books and crap until i started taking flamenco lessons, that pretty much did the trick. i can maybe play about 10 minutes of flamenco now. if you are serious about it taking lessons would really help you out
What is flamenco exactly? I have herd of it But I don?t really know what it is.