As darkness engulfs the breath taking sky
Coolness arrives with short notice
The sunset didn?t last long enough to say goodbye
And it wilts away like a lotus

Luna comes out to take a peek
Draco and Pegasus shortly join
They shine like the sun reflecting a creek
And command awe like the spin of a coin

So you find the crest of a hill
To camp on for the night
You bring good stories and a grill
Sharing your moment of deepest plight

These are the nighttime happenings
You hear the wind whistle and the creek splash
Nighttime, you see what it brings
And you don?t wake till the moon makes a dash

As the creatures creep to their homes
And the birds discontinue to roam
The fire turns to ash
You realize happiness doesn?t need cash

But the moons been out enough
And Soleil begins to pierce the skyline
You start to pack your stuff
Before you look at that sight divine

Plans to revisit are forged
The experience made sure of that
You?re returning in a fortnight
Coming back to where you sat
Please keep in mind, that it was not me who wrote this, but one of my friends who was trying to get really serious in hopes of singing in a serious band.

I personally hate it so much, but some people actually like it.

Just curious to see what you guys think...
too tired to make my text green and actually type the reason to close this... PM me threadstarter if you want to find out... meesa mooie mooie tired!!