I would like a cross between these two sounds, something tight and punchy. I was considering a Peavey XXX or 6505, but I wasn't too sure. I was also wondering how to get a lot of distortion that was easy to control and manage. Thanks.
Go for the 6505.
I got a 5150 II and I love it...The XXX isnt bad, but Id choose a 6505 any day...
Im sure most of the people will agree with me on this.
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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
JSX with a booster? the JSX is made to be, basically, a cross between those two amps.

BUT a 6505 would be best for you. It has nice low end thunder with more gain then you would ever need. seriously i dont/didnt ever turn mine past about 6 on the Pre-Gain. Too much sounds sloppy and 'unorganized'.