I was wonderinbg if any of you had experience with the Boss SYB-3 bass synth pedal. I wanted to know if it was any good because I want a good synth pedal that's under $200 to toy around with and use on some songs. If this isn't that good can you recommend me some within that price range.
Get the SYB-5. Its dirt cheap.
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t h i s wipes the floor with the Boss IMO.

Plus you get faders instead of pots, which i thinks works better in a pedal like this. Try 'em both of course, but i think the Ehx is the one. I've never owned one myself but my close friends swears by them and whenever i play at his house i plug into this baby and you get some really,really nice synth sounds..


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^ Yes, i agree the Harmonix kicks the Boss's arse. The tracking on the Boss is crap as well. the Harmonix can work as an octaver too
If I can find a decent used one I'll try out the EHX but that's a little more than I want to spend.