Writing is fun! thats why this was written - just for the hell of it, but I don't think its too bad, wadaya think? If you think it's good I might just put it to music!

The eye rolls open
The machine watches me
Watches me intently

A cold and ferrous void
A slowly rusting coffin
Dull and dank and dimming

A Lifeless cuprous eye
mechanically observing
Silently analyses me

Here with no companion
After what lenght of time
Will my mind lose reason?

The eye sees so blindly
So what else does he perceive?
Gazing thorugh my thoughts?

I smother my irratoinal fears
For the machine doesn't judge
We are really both the same
Steel and wires like flesh and blood

I find freindship in his iron
We will both continue
Blissful in insanity