hey.. i want to make my guitar a fender.. so do u guys know i can get a fender decal/sticker? or how i should make it like a fender? should i print it out on paper and stick it on?
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Don't change it, because once you go to sell it as a 'Fender', which it isn't, you're liable for design theft and trademark infringement Why even bother? You're still going to know it's not a Fender, and everyone else will still be able to tell it's not a Fender.
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I love it when people put their Squiers in the "Fender" catagory on Ebay, cause it's a "Fender Squier"
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Shoving the fancy Fender decal on it won't make it a Fender guitar, sorry.

This raises a question I have, if you're building a guitar using Fender parts, can you get away with naming it a Fender? Obviously not when selling the thing and clearly it wouldn't be registered with a seriel number, but if you've built it using all Fender parts would it be "allowed" to carry the Fender decal? Or is it just another Partscaster? :P
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