my bass is SDGR SRX500 by Ibanez does this suck?

i just started playing the bass 2 months ago. thanks
nah its a good one for a noob sorry i was just been a dickhead!!!!! Dont worry it is all that you need 2 get you on ur feet mate!
It's an alright bass for your skill level. I'm curious though, what would you have done if we all said your bass was rubbish?
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i'd freak out.. HAHAHA. and if i get better maybe next time i'll buy a MM stingray.
yeah mate searched it on the net and it looks like a much nicer one than the Aria 4-string ive been playing for years!
mate seriously if youre just starting out it really doesnt matter what you're playing. I played bass before switching to the dark side of electric 6-string, but before i could afford a bass i just messed around on an old crappy acoustic i managed to get my hands on and learned to play with my fingers. its just important to mess around on it, to get the feel of it before you start learning techniques, scales etc. Basically, learn to walk yerself before someone tries teaching you to run, swim, jump etc! Anyhoo, best of luck dude.
its good for a starters bass
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When you first start playing bass, it's important you have a bass to learn on., nevermind what type of bass as long as it's a basically playable bass it'll do fine for 6 months - year or maybe longer.

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Very nice, probably better than my cort lol
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i rather the SR500 over the srx.

check the specs. i'd rather the color, bridge, EQ, pups of the SR.

but since i love my SR505 to death, and i think of it very highly, yes the srx is a really nice bass, extremely nice for a starter.
hey, i dont even know what my bass is, i bought it from my mates brother with an for £45, he said it would be good for a n00b. So at least you know what your bass is!
i got the ibanez bass jumpstart pack and that bass is real good ive had it for 2 years ill prolly be upgrading over the summer but first im gonna get a better amp
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No matter what your bass is (a kleenex box + elsastics maybe?) already still better than mine. :P

and my father, who doesn't not play bass, bought an 800$ guitar or custom something-or-other off his friend for himself. and I can't touch it. (me= been playing four years)
so theres my story about my sucky bass. yay

good luck starting out
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I'm not actually sure how good it is or not, I've never used one. Ibanez is pretty trustworthy though...

I started out on a really crappy one, why buy something if your not sure if your gonna play it and stick with it?
I have an Ibanez Soundgear...it's a really good bass...I've been playing it for about a year...good bass...good bass...

*ashamed confession* but I did learn on one of those cheap 100 dollar pieces of crap you get at walmart...because I didn't really know crap about bass till it was in my hands and I was learning

But in the end...your starting point seems to have little effect on how you end up in the long run...
your bass may not suck but mine sure as **** does...........it's a silvertone from ****in sam goody
i play the sr 500 and 505 also an old 480 but i just use that to record mostly, but ive heard good things about the srx
Do you like it? Then it doesn't suck.

But it's not as good as my G&L!
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Hey! if it feels and sounds good? how the hell can it suck? i'ts just a matter of setting it up to suit your style...
I used to have a stagg P-bass. I thought it was sooo crap. The key is to get as good as you can on the bass you have, then upgrade.
I bought a Fender Jazz Bass and it is so much better.