Who digs this punx tunez?

He was a contestant on Australian Idol and got kicked out because he sucked.
Um, he is liked mainly by 13 year olds.
his hit single is a peice of shit, its called "Wusabi"
If you haven't heard him before, i suggest you do and while you're at it take a look at his ugly mug.


Share your thoughts.

this is true punk rokk at its most agressive.
Lee Harding is a large towel.

Beat that.
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yeh man, his influences get pretty damn punk rock.
go back to the london underground lee, you seminal militant anarchist.

studded belts and wrist bands galore.
sweat bands...on his FINGERS wtf???!?!!?!?!??!?!!!!!!??!?11?!?

ps: i think everyone should read the heart-cutting-out-of-chest lyrics to "wusabi"
haha I read Dolly (australian magazine) once and saw an article about Lee in a Green Day concert, he was saying how amazing it is to meet his idol, Billie Joe. not to be rude, but if he IS really into those bands that he said he's into, what the hell is he doing in Australian Idol? lol
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well your cool you have a taste in music but anyone else....

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he goes on australian idol because thats his way of eating at the government from the inside out.

D00d r U JoHnnY RoTTTen?!111!

Ha, Lee Harding is such a hXc name.
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that guy wants to make me kill myself.

i warned you...

heart-cutting-out-of-chest lyrics.
pretty deep stuff.
Hmmm I begin to wonder who likes him?
Obviously people into punk hate him and think hes pop-punk, but then people that like pop-punk hate him iswell....
I didn't listen to his music yet but I did read the lyrics to Wusabi.(Yes, that moron actually misspelled his own song title..) It looks like something a 13-year-old pretend thug would freestyle for his friends.
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songs are catchy, but they suck major ass, and get boring easily.
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