Okay I'm looking for a new pickup for my strat copy.

I play mostly Green Day, but also some stuff like nirvana, feeder etc....

I was thinking the best pickup would be the seymour duncan sh-4 jb, but would any pickups be even better suited?
What amp have you got? and whats your price range?
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^ya we to know this stuff but the seymour duncan sh-4 jb and the gibson 500T would both be good, the sh-4 jb is very trebly but good for pop punk stuff, the gibson 500T is good for green day and probably nirvana but i dont know who feeder is, either will do fine
Get some p-90s BIllie Joe uses them now
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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