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This looks sorted... quick thread for once.
but I always though the DXMG was a pretty good guitar, why is the Ibanez better? Its basswood, has no tremelo, a wizard II neck which is probably not much, if any, faster than a jackson and has pretty useless pickups.

Quote by Elven_King
Its basswood

It's mahogany... that's what the mh stands for.
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would have thauhgt so too, but i check it out on a guitar site and it said baswood. yes it was the mh model, it does seem a bit cheap for mahogany.. only $230 or so..
The RG321mh is definately mahogany, never tried the jackson but the ibanez is good, if only it had better pickups.
Okay you guys are rihgt, soory.. strange that some guitar site has it wrong thouhg. They should try get the right info on their guitars so that poeple like dont look like idiots...

I just doubted it being that good, or mahogany for so cheap.. $280? WTF

You guys shure that its better than a $500 jackson?
Well it's a good solid guitar that plays well and feels great. The stock pups are pointless so I changed those almost immediately which is another $120... and thats if you know how to do them yourself.
Ibanez RG321MH - (PAF Joe / FRED)
Vox AC30
I agree totally with Graphicism, the guitar feels great, has a really nice neck and the body has a good tone, however the stock pickups are pretty poor and ideally need to be replaced to show what the guitar is capable of.
Is the ibanez bolt-on or set?
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out of those two and from previous things you've said in threads about tuning down i'd say rg321mh, not really a big fan of either though myself but thats just preference
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btw guys.. what is a charvel 475, through, set neck etc?

And how good are the stock pickups on a 475? If anyone knows, sorry to go off-topic, but this seems about finished anyway.

Ive got a oldish 475 adn im just wondering how good it is..
would have thauhgt so too, but i check it out on a guitar site and it said baswood. yes it was the mh model, it does seem a bit cheap for mahogany.. only $230 or so..

where did you find that
if you have a 475 why are you asking us what type of neck joint it is, dont you know the difference.
Thing is that Im not totaly shure if it is a 475 or something close to that. I just need some feature of a 475 to help me identify it.

As far as I can see from pics it looks exactly like a 475, but I havent heard anything about the neck before..
well go look at pictures of 475 and look at your guitar see if theyre the same or you could send jackson an email asking about the charvel
could someone be so kind enough to supply a link of the 321MH. I'd like to see pics and read the description, thanks!

I googled it, but having a difficult finding it.
zzsounds: http://www.zzounds.com/item--IBARG321MH

samedaymusic: http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--IBARG321MH

zzsounds has great prices, what exactly where you googling?

I have looked at tons of pics of 475's its EXACTLY like my guitar, but im a bit skeptical becasue that supposed to be a pretty good guitar and I got mine real cheap. Might have just got a good deal. was about $200 if you convert my currency.
I'd say Jackson
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Thanks, I googled 321 mh and it popped up with some weird stores in the UK. and had no pics.