Just thoughts on these guys....I don't know much about them so I was just wondering if someone could reccomend any of their songs as well? Thanks
I'm just listeneing to them for the first time. they annoy me actually. i don't mind it now, but if i listen to them ever agin i will kill someone. maybe they're talented, but they do a bloody good job of hiding it.
I don't like what I've heard, but I haven't listened to much. I might give them a try, but my expectations aren't very good.
I think they are great, my mate saw them live, freakin' awesome
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yeah i saw them live they were awesome. Listen to False Hope, So this is freedom?, and Lower Class Crucification
I think they're okay, dont' hate 'em, don't love 'em. They put on a pretty good live show, although they have a lot of tools at their shows.
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Listen to the album "The Anger and the Truth" and "So This is Freedom?"... Possibly their singles collection... but anything else is complete crap

Word 2 dat
I hate them... but for some reason i listen to them all of the time, in fact i think ive over played them but i still continue to listen

Its like jacking off to porn, you know? You feel like you shouldnt be doing it in the first place, but you do it anyways, and then, eventually, you realize you do it too much.
they were good with Paul.
"This shit here's called Death"
"What the fuck? You mean I'm gonna hit this shit and die?"
"No Nigga! I said Deaf. You hit this and you aint gonna hear shit!"
i use to hate them but then i saw them live and they weren't too bad
but their best song is by far "Dont Look Back"
i cant stand marks voice he almost sounds as bad as justin sane, but the stuff they did with paul was good
We're still waiting for their best song is what I was trying to say...
Man I haven't heard much of this band but I saw them play before Municipal Waste and I didn't enjoy their sound at all. It was pretty much therun of the mill crap like AntiFlag, especially the way they were jumping around.
they are to...blah..scream punk lyrics about the govt for me....but well. i guess with bush in office. how is everyone not doing that.!!!
I haven't bought any of it yet Kind of like finding a piece of crap on the bottom of your shoe except the unseen would be in my cd case

I think I did like on eof their songs though.

And I agree with pick iy up. All their songs are the same
They kick ass live man! been to see 'em a couple o times! Explode an' Anger and The Truth are the best 2 albums but State of discontent, So This is Freedom? & Lower Class Crucifiction are worth checkin' out too!!
Their new CD isn't that great, but still decent. The older stuff is better than the newer stuff, but it's pretty much a different band.