So I maybe able to get this baby voor 300 euro.

Is it good to play blues/jazz/funk with it? (I have a fender standard jazz)

Does anyone had bad experiences with it?

Is it worth the 300 euro?
Trace Elliots are really cool amps. Great punch, rich mids. I own a Trace head, and there's a few Trace lovers down on this forum.


It is commonly held Trace Elliot made before Gibson took it over are of a superior quality. I think Peavey owns them now (don't quote me).

I haven't managed to grab my hands on their newest stuff. Hopefully I will soon.

My own critiscism of it, is the amp has a really distinctive sound, and this can overbear your sound of your bass. This is fine if you love that Trace tone (I love the pre-amp shapers!).

For blues, this should be fine. Perhaps maybe too much for jazz. Try it and see if you like it.