Ok, about 20 years ago this lady gave my dad a big tube amp. I dug it out of the basement, cleaned it off, and started messing around on it. It's an alright amp. It sounds great when its clean, or when played with an acoustic, but with distortion turned up, it sounds kinda mushy. Light distortion is great, med destortion is OK, but heavy just sounds bad, making this more of a classic rock/blues amp. It sounds great that way.

Anyway, heres a physical description- No brand name to be found, just a big orange 720 near the face controls. Its got Clipping, Reverb, Bass, Treble, and Middle knobs. It's got two inputs, and a switch to switch between inputs or have both of them on at the same time.

Does anyone have a clue what it might be? Any chance I could trade it in for some $$$?
Are you sure there's no brand name? Try opening it up and looking inside.

I've never heard of anything like that. Is it a combo or a head?

Plus if it's old and you want to play it, put some new tubes in. They're probably screwed after 20yrs
It's definitely not an Orange amp. They've never made anything called a 720
I've looked all over, still no name anywhere. Ill have to open it up later.

How expensive would new tubes be? Would it be better to just trade it in and save and buy a better amp? If it's any good, I might keep it, but if not I might be able to get 100$ for it somewhere.

edit: also I googled Kay 720 and that's a base amp, this is a guitar amp.
It'd be a WHOLE lot more easier to answer your question if you posted pictures..
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yea it'd be easier with pictures.

New tubes will cost you about $20

New tube will cost you $20. New tubes will cost $100.
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