it was pretty good,on the first song though i would speed it up a little to make it more fun
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listen is this a studio recorded demo - if so i feel the quality should ever so slighty higher maybe, actually i dunno. if its home made demo quality is good. vocals are a bit loud in the mix a times altho im no expert. drums guitar and bass we all nice tho. vocals are too loud again imo i d quiten them. wat equipment did u use exactly for this. second song hmm i think the drums over power the gutiar slightly and vocals are too loud imo. guitar tone was alrite good for the genre. ohh third song liking the sound of this intro riff high energy i like this song most so far vocals a tad to loud again, the lyrics fit in a vocal melody very well i like. guitar maybe a tiny winy bit louder. nice overall. 4 th song now reminded me of the first song a bit. overall very nice just needs some fine tuning imo. check my stuff out we are younger and not going to long and crappy home recorded but check it out https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=361175 . cheers
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The vocals sound really crappy to my ears,
hes completely off pitch, and I dont like the tone.
The rest is okay, but the vocals ruin it for me.
Very, very good riff in my opinion. Speed it up slightly for a little more energy. The ONLY reason I wouldn't buy a CD with this on it is the vocalist. Get a better one and this would be great.