I am about to buy a new guitar for downtuning (drop C probably) What would everyone recommend for me... I'll be playing System of a Down more than likely
Iceman! Alright, maybe it was the obvious answer but at least I didn't say "Get an RG" like everyone else does to anyone after a new guitar.
I would recommened an Ibanez.... Ibanez has a real good tremolo system and really good crunch tones. your probably looking for and 24 fret guitar with at least 2 humbuckers if u can DiMarzio pickups.
definately, a schecter or esp
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The brand of guitar won't matter all that much if it's good quality. Humbuckers will be better than single coils. I'd recommend replacing the humbuckers to get an even tighter sound. Maybe with BKPs or EMGs. If for some reason you went with a single-coil guitar, Kinman pickups are the only ones I've heard that can really hold it together with low tunings and distortion.
How about a baritone Schecter? You can put on really heavy strings and tune down low, both of which help make the sound fat, and the extended scale length makes sure the strings won't feel like rubber bands.