Do you think it's hard to sing with ear plugs? since you hear your voice so loud in your head but don't know how loud your band memebers can hear it

thanks for answering
Why would you sing with earplugs? And you'd probably be singing a lot louder than you normally would. Its the same as when your listening to a mp3 player, instead of talking in you normal tone your shouting it, know what I mean?
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Why would you sing with earplugs?

To protect my ears. Thnx for your answers btw!
Maybe i getting it wrong but doing that would only protect one ear?
Hmm true one earplug will help you hear your singing.

I really need to look into earplugs for protection, though. I'm in the same boat you are.
yeah using earplugs is actually really good for your singing, if you can sing well with earplugs then you can sing well!! leave it up to your bandmates to advise on the volume level of your PA tho
Well alot of big bands use in-ear monitors, which means that its basically a speaker that you could hook up to your channel, wether it be your guitar, the overall sound, or your vocals.

And it'd double as an ear plug.
ask at your local music shop about special ear plugs for singers I saw them once they were pretty pricey($25can) but somehow levels the incoming sound to the sound of yer voice so you dont drown everyone out inside your head or bury everyone else cuz ya dont realize how loud your singing