Ok, I have a Marshall head and a 1960a cab and I want something for cleans to a/b it with. It's really manuverability Vs sound. I have two choices..

1. Get the Ac30 head and replace two of the speakers in my cab to something more suitable for the Ac30, like Alnico Blues. Each head then has two speakers each.

Advantages: Easier to move around one cab and two heads, it'll look better IMO.
Disadvantages: Marshall will lose two speakers, difference in sound?

2. Get the combo with Alnico Blues and make a stack.. Cab, Ac30 and Marshall head. Although I'd probably need to get a 1960b cab to get the combo on top of it.

Advantages: The Marshall keeps all it's speakers.
Disadvantages: A lot to move around.

So how do you think the difference in sound would be? Between the combo, and the head using half of the marshall cab. Will there be a huge volume loss from the marshall losing two speakers?

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To be honest I don't think you'd really lose much tone if you split the speakers 50/50. The only thing you'll lose will be a bit of "width" to the sound because there will be less speakers pushing air. What sort of Marshall head is it? If its anything thats got some grunt it'll have no trouble overcoming the speaker loss. Also try running the Vox AND the Marshall at the same time with a good crunch on the Marshall and a sparkly clean on the Vox. You'll cut through any gig like nobody's business.
I'd pan between rather than ABY it so you can get a blend of both. Sounds like a great setup to me
I'd suggest you keep the 1960 cab, and just swap 2 of the speakers to ones that'll suit the Vox.

And you should blend them both together too, it would sound amazing.
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Ok, thanks for your replies. Since I'm replacing two speakers, maybe I'll replace them all. Two Alnico Blues for the Ac30, and what would you recomend for a nice general rock-metal tone with the DSL? I was thinking V30's.
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Having tried the ac30, it is INCREDIBLY loud. The 2x12 on 6 drowns out a dsl 50. Therefore, you may not even need the cab. Wattage is not an issue with an ac30... It's just so ****ing loud lol. Good luck whatever you choose. AC30 = amazing.
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