I have a Fender deluxe 112 plus, and yesterday I went to turn it on (note that i always leave my effects pedal plugged into the amp so all i have to do is plug my guitar up when i wat to play) but it made a loud pop noise and now the volume is really low and if i turn it all the way up it still is very low and sounds strange.... is their a chance i blew something or what? Or maybe it's just the input jack that got fried?? anybody got any suggestions?
Have you tried it without the effects? They break more than amps. At least narrow it down to effect, amp or guitar and then post!
I dunno about the amp but you might want to unplug your pedals as they suck batteries (or electricity if you plug into an outlet) when plugged in.
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yep i already tried that...... its definetly the amp... or the input jacks. they are not the normal ones they are the kind that are soldered to the circuit board.