As stated above.... Which one of these pedals keeps your tone intact? I remember someone saying one of these pedals sucks your tone away. So if anyone who has had or played these pedals please help me with my inquiry.

thanks to any replies
i have never tried a metal master, but DO NOT get an MT-2. the other guitarist in my band used this pedal until we threatened to fire him for it. it is a thin, trebly, horrible sound. doesnt sound good for anything IMO
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the line 6 uber metal is the best pedal with the word "metal" on it.
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^ Seconded, The built in Noise Gate is very handy. Don't like the way the mids sound, but it is the best "metal" pedal.It can also handle lower gain stuff surprisingly well. As for the Digitech metal master, I think it sounds awfull and is very cheaply made. The Mt-2 is all right but I wouldn't buy it. It can only do metal and not very good at that.
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Thanks guys! I was going to my local shop to get that metal masters, but now I have decided to go to the Indianapolis Sam Ash to get the Uber Metal!!!! Thanks