In response to Appleheads idea, this thread is for posting upcoming gigs so that our fellow UGers can come see you in action at a nearby town. Be sure to post date, time, the name of your band, and the genre of music. This would also be a great way to line up shows with other UGers. If anyone is interested in playing in the west Ky, Southern Illinois, or north Tennessee area then I'm sure I can get you on a bill somehwere.

I'll kick it off.

My final show with the progressive/hardcore outfit The March of Pegasus is coming up this saturday the 20th in Water Valley, Kentucky, at the old schoolhouse. Show starts at 7, and it costs $5 at the door.
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i'd go, but kentucky is pretty far away.

neither in a band nor good enough to be a soloist, so no gigs for me.
May 26, 11:30, CVU High School Cafeteria Jam for Peace, Hinesburg, Vermont.
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ok, next gig is June 1st at the Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, London N1. We are headlining and are on at 10pm, but should be some good bands before us. £5 with flyer, see www.vsg-music.co.uk
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