right, wel heres the thing.

Every year my school hosts a charity show which involves the eldest 2 years of the school, next year will be my turn. anyway, every year they have a bit of live music going on which is always good fun and ive decided that i want me and my friends (we just jam alot, dont really gig, we have our own bands for that, we just enjoy music) to play a set.

because there are 2 of us on guitar and we both have nice large egos we would both like to b playing some solos at some point. So what i am asking you for is a setlist of four good rock songs, which are for two guitars, have two solos in each song which are both of equal quality and maybe a lil bit of sharable lead in between

we are both very good guitarists, we both passed grade 8 guitar with honours a couple of months ago, so some nice stuff please, but not like yngwie or vai stuf coz we like to jump around aswel and thats wen it gets hard to play vai, whilst jumpin around.

Thanks for your time, any help very much appreciated
but not like yngwie or vai stuf coz we like to jump around aswel and thats wen it gets hard to play vai
You mean you cant play Vai stuff while standing on your head, I thought you said you were good lol

anyway as for songs. I know its only got one guitar, but try Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child. takes turns doing the lead and stuff. Just an idea
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guns n roses had 2 guitarists. the only song from them wich has two guitar solos is nighttrain. pretty easy and catchy. 1 solo from izzy, 1 from slash.
Might be worth doing some hendrix, and improvising a solo or two...that usually sounds good
nice suggestions i was thinkin GnR but though you guys might know something else. anybody got some suggestiond for 4 songs along the same lines which wil sound good together?

EDIT: forgot to mention that a dual guitar solo (i.e. both playin lead wud also be good) and it would be quite nice to have cool basslines, (our bassist is like flea) but its not too important he always improves simple basslines.
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Another idea, something I had a while ago. I know you didnt want stuff like Vai or anything but this could be a a good idea. Do a two guitar Satch Boogie. Cus theres little gaps in the lead and when those gaps come, you can switch. For example take the intro. Theres that first bit, one of you play that, then when it repeats the next one plays it. It kind of makes it a kind of guitar duel.
Maiden? Bit heavey? Thin Lizzy all the way!
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...wat about for an intro to your set do some blues improv...but meh you've probably guessed I'm a fan of doin improv stuff
anyone go any knee slide songs? last set with my band i tokk a run up and knee slid lyk 8 metres along a catwalk thing whilst playin a solo (the wonders of a wireless guitar kit and the ability to have a break in lead so i can take a run up) anyway, lot of my performance relies on stage presence so i need a jump up and down song.

cheers dudes