is actualy... really.. amazing?
its really not the same Ataris that came out with so long astoria..
its like Kris Roe took daily shots of testosterone(sp i know)
his voice is more mature and the band has really taken a turn to slow indie style rock
real easy listing slow paced songs.. this cd is really something els
even if you hated old ataris or you loved old ataris listen to this because its really diffrent and a real good cd..

if you have soulseek

I love Cheyenne line, great song... kris isn't singing on all of the songs. And yes his voice did mature a lot, but so did he. Being 28 and raising a kid changes a guy I guess. Its not the same band either some of the guys left, theres like 8 people in the band now

The cd's not out yet is it...?

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