hey check it out theyve been seriously changed PLEASE listen to both. we have on and off for about a month and quickly recording some demo songs no vox yet dont have a mic quickly recorded at home avec my pod xt cheers. quality isnt always great .CRIT FOR CRIT. oh ant to anyone who says this is a double post these are not NEW parts new mix etc cheers new bass etc. still need to get a real bass but meh. CRIT FOR CRIT




PS> listen on myspace NOT soundclick in sig as thats a different mix cheers. crit for crit
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The demo one sounds kinda weird, it sounds very unnatural with the loops, and one riff seems very off time, and kind of clashes with the other stuff. I didnt like it very much.
The tracks also werent loud enough at all, I had my speakers up to a volume that would normally blow my ears up, and it seemed like normal volume. Your parts in both songs sound very off rythym to me.
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hmm well the majority bar the breakwon in 1 is all in time :/

Its in time, but the emphasis in the parts are in different places from each other, its hard to explain.

I mean like
think of this as a riff, B is the empahsis and a is a note that is kinda just there.

You have two riffs that kinda do this:


Do you understand what Im getting at? The riffs just dont seem to overlap well, tis all i'm saying.
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ok typing as i listen
not my kinda style of music
this sounds better than the old one (good)
it kinda goes outta time but??
yer the timing keeps going out of time, u gotta work on that
dont put the 2 bits together its not good
bass is not good
man it keeps going out of time!
get that fixed!
and its really kinda repetative!
ie only heard 2 or 3 different parts of the song so far all repetative
wel this is new... but i dont like it, drum solo os pretty kool but guitar is way outta time
its all still way outta time
sorry man really didnt like it, no vocals, bad timing, very repatitive...
drum solo was good
crit 4 crit?? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=360246
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Oh, and azza, you're a pretty good writer! Graybass is a god amongst men and you're turning real quick to be his new messiah lol.

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You're doing good, mate.

Keep up the good work.

I'll take A for $500, Alex.
wat are u chatting about theres no drum solo. which songs are u guys talking about. and nothing is out of time bar a segemnet of the breakdown in demo song 1. people really liked this on here before, when the drums were like a bloody metronome perhaps thats why u say its out of time coz its a bit more complex. i personally really like the drums and it is deffo not out of time imo. crit for crit
-i just listened with a metronome. the tempo is 140 all the way through.
-one bit as nooblet said in the breakdown 2m 40s ish, is a tad out. but its very slight.
-to me it just looks like you take the first person's comment and regurgitate it.
-ok it is a bit distortiony than some stuff and there for it may sound like a "shamozzled" to use J-spoon's word. and spoon is a pro name dude.
-listen to azza6's stuff then compare it. i mean the vocals are terrible, volumes are way out. he gave this a 4/10 and said drum solo. theres no f**king drum solo.
- i give this an honest 8/10. cos this guys done it like all himself, and has been slated for it.
and cos i cant get enough of that riff in song 1 and song 2.
Nooblet. serious kudos dude. u earnt it.
my schlong is much too long. enjoy .
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