sex on strings

it's called "hope is on the rose line" and it's mighty sexy.

Here's the lyrics-

While walking naked on the tulip bend
Stumbling on roses, it rocks + rolls us
But as the sun burns the brass
We realise we're fine

The hope is on the rose line

And now walking with wicked ones
Feels like dipping in delightful depths
And impossible dissolves like salty water
In that glass of wine

The hope is on the rose line
Your voice is a really hollow indie-ish voice.
It fits the song, but I'm not really digging the voice.

The recording quality is a little bad, your voice sounds flanged or something, I dont think that was intentional.

Its a little boring, maybe you should spice up the guitar a little, overdub another guitar track? I dont know, its good for what it is, but it needs something extra IMO.

If you get a new mic, this song would shine with a little work.
Yeh i want to add in another guitar and play some sort of scale prog over it, but I don't know how to write that. Want to help me? thepickups@hotmail.co.uk ---msn me

And what new mic should I get?Not too expensive.