I'm looking into buy a Peavy XXX 120W 212 Tube amp combo. Has anyone on here used it? Is it a good amp for varios types of music from A7X to Bullet for my Valentine, to Blink 182 and such. Does it have a good quality sound and distortion, clean, etc?

Thanks for any help.

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the distortion is great and the clean is decent. you sorta have to work to get a good sound out of the first distortion channel (not the ultra )
Thanks. How much did you pay for it? is $900 a good deal?

Did you see what I did there? I made fun of his mom!
gpderek has one...he seems to like it

i have the half stack, i seem to like it

Its actually a very bright amp, if you like that, get it.
900 bucks isnt bad
I scored a 112 for 600, 212 for 900... ahh. Your call.

It's a great all around amp, but better for those who have a love for gain
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my little cousin just bought the combo with all the built in effects he loves BFMV and A7x i taught him some of the riffs and it worked well for them
$900 is a little pricey you can get better amps for that price

i have a ultra 120 which is what theXXX is modeled after and I love it, it can can get sounds from Led Zeppelin to Megadeth to Mastadon, the clean channel is only decent but it doesn't sound bad

look on ebay if you dont mind used
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