I know alot of people who are like walking advertisements for Line 6, So here we go.

I know the Pod's are top of the line so to say, the Variax guitars aren't great for their price I've heard, but the amps can really push out some power. So what's up? I would like some feedback mostly to the Amp and Effects products of Line 6
line 6 has a lot of effects but the metal channels sound real digital same with the echo effects

thats with the spyder II idk about the other line 6 amps
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Yeah, the sound clips for them(spyders) sound like poo. The "insane" setting speaks for itself.. I'm hoping with some tweaking it could get better... I'm contemplating on them now I just know nothing about them
Spider IIs are beginner amps, not great for gigging. The Flextone series is amazing though. Variax gutiars are nice, especially the 700 model and they have some really nice effect pedals.
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Line 6 Spider II

i have a spider II 15 watt. the clean channel is actually alright, all the others are horrible. i use a metal zone MT-2 pedal and it gives a nice tone, in my opionion. If i were to go back in time i would have gotten a vox valvetronics
I was starting to form a liking of the Spider II 210, 120W for $399 usd on musicians friend, I looked at Vox and they dont have anything in the price range besides cabs