I want to get a new amp and I need some opinions. I'm looking at getthing one of the following:

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo Bass Amp


Ampeg BA-210SP Bass Combo Amp with Effects

For what it's worth I own a Ibanez BTB455QM and a Ibanez SRX 500.

i'd go with the ampeg...but hey thats just my opinion...i personally play through an ampeg svt4-pro...and an ampeg svt410hlf. i absolutely love the tone....i've played one ampeg at a musicstore...it just wasnt for me....but hey go to the local dealer, and try them out!
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I'd get the Ashdown.

Only because you have alot knobs and filters .. and it's much better then an Ampeg.

And there both around the same price.. so it's a fair deal.
The Ashdown

reasons? im just a fan
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An Ampeg BA is never going to sound like an SVT. I'd get the Ashdown.

i have to agree.

the BA115 that i have just really isnt all a ampeg should be. i didnt overpay tho i got it real cheap... but still, if the ashdown sounds nice to you, go for it.