Anybody have an idea of who this mystery band is?im losin my mind here
Empire Records one of the best films ever.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren?
I thouht his name was Warren?

"slayer sabbath:
whats wrong with metal, has this website been taking over by power chording, girl pants wearing, emos?"
To be announced next week, I heard it was Avenged Sevenfold but then I heard they're not gonna do it. On the radio they said this surprise will disappoint no one, so . . .
Oh for fucks sake, there's already an Ozzfest thread.

'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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More like... Thine Butthole Bleeds... from all the gay sex you have!!! Ahahaha!

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I don't care for slipknot unless I'm so drunk I don't care about anything.
I'd buy an Ozzfest ticket and use it as a Cumrag.

So i'm obviously shaking in anticipation as to who it'll be.
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