I'm starting to get a few pedals, and will probably buy 2 or 3 more. The only problem I have is using very long wires to go between them, and having to use a battery and / or power pack that plugs into the wall. I've seen power supply boards that you can put your pedals on, and such. What would you recommend for a power supply, and short wires to connect each pedal? I'm also wondering how that works lol, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
George L's are perfect cables for pedal boards. I use a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II that works great for my pedal board. I know there have been a few other new power supllies introduced recently.
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The Godlyke powerall 9 is my favourite power supply. I'm pretty sure that it's way cheaper than the voodoo labs pedal power. It goes for like $50 CAD here and it comes with a daisy chain that'll connect 5 pedals and a ton of adapters to power various odd types of pedals (for example, it comes with 1 or 2 male adapters for older pedals and 1 or 2 battery pack clips for pedals that don't support an adapter and an extender etc.) You can buy another daisy chain to extend it past 5 if you need more.

It'll power 9 pedals simultaneously which is plenty. 'Cause how often are you running 9 pedals at the same time ? I usually have a dozen or so pedals in my line-up but I'm only ever using like 3 or 4 at the most at any given time. So 9 is plenty.

And go to your music shop and ask them for small 3 - 4" cables to connect your pedals together. They go for like $2 - $5 CAD here.
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^those cables are really shat.
The ones I get have a lifetime warranty .. the have steel covers on each end .. they're pretty heavy duty and they're like $5 CAD each.

You can get really really cheap ones for like $2 CAD .. they're shat. But anyway ...