recently me and my band have started picking up gigs here and there...and offers are coming in more regularly now...but my amp is a puny marshall MG15...my bassist has just bought a peavey TNT 115, so im gonna want something that match that in output, and something that wont let me down at small gigs in pubs/clubs. im thinking marshall as well.

any reccomendations will be muchly appreciated
Cube 60? I suggest that to everyone though... Kicks ass if you want metal or hardcore.
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Wires and patch cords and stuff..
hmm yea i should have mentioned i play rock/alternative stuff.
but i may have to have a look at the cube 60 as well, cos it looks like a bit of a beast.
whats your budget...i'm small tube combo and an OD pedal would work great....or one of the vox valvetronix series amp if u want more options
Same here, I want something like 3.5ft or 4ft tall, and lots of sound. Any recomendations?
i would suggest a valvetronix. the cleans-mild heavy distortions are great but you really have to fondle it to get it to play metal the way you want but its possible. the 30 watt version, or 50 depending on your budget.

what was the band that one person played loud so then all of them played loud and theyre like FUNKING LOUD as a whole band, because of the escalation.

get a good amp, but tell your bassist to tone it down occasionally. otherwise we all end up in a stack war.