So last weekend my band was playing a show and for some odd reason I did not know we were playing with a band from winnipeg who was touring across western Canada. That band was Red Blanket. I reccomend this band to all those who love the Fall of troy and the like. They also have a little bit of pelican stuff thrown into their sound. So the main idea is to check them out if you have not yet. They have quickly become a band that gets many listens from me.


I ****ing love Pelican there my favourite band, I will definetely check red blanket out

I just wish there were some pelican tabs on UG then again who the hell is brave enough and good enough to tab a freekin Pelican song lol
I started to tab Sirius by Pelican but it is too long for my child like attention span. But i also wish that were more pelican tabs around.
Ya, i dont like them. And how dare you compare them to The Fall Of Troy.
...and the world sighed in relief