I have real skinny and long fingers and I have been trying to do bar chords for a while but I can almost never get it right cause something always buzzes or mutes or doesnt sound right. So I was thinking, do those tubes you slide on your index finger work good? Don't know what they are called but at least if I had that I could play simple bar chord songs while I practice without it some more.

And I know that this is a stupid question to ask but are they considered lame in the guitar world?
you are talking about a slide.... and yeah slides work great, but they aren't used for what you are thinking about doing. a slide is certainly not considered lame if you are using it correctly, but i must say that if i saw somebody using a slide just to play barre chords in standard tuning i might snicker
put your finger right next to the fret
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Yeah man a slide and they arent for people who cant do bar chords but i recomend getting one they sound awesome once you learn how to use one. Given the right amount of time youll get it just practice it. a song you can practice that has bar chords in it is MAma im comin home if your into ozzy.
Two things: it's a slide, and (just for the record) you would never put one on your index finger--you'll appreciate that piece of advice when you get to point where you want to play with a slide.
Just practice in short sessions, like half an hour blocks, and take a break in between to rest your hands. You get really calloused fingers after a while.
Or take up classical guitar, it has lovley soft nylon strings
You're half right. If you play in an open tuning, a slide wouldn't be a bad idea. But for standard tuning it won't work that well. As others have said, keep practicing. I have small fingers and I can play any barre chords with .014's on my acoustic, it just takes time to build up the strength. Find a song you love that uses barre chords and practice it.

Try smaller gauge strings.
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I've played with 13's forever and wanted to up the challenge since it's my practice guitar (I play everything on it, so when I go to electric it's a snap). Well I put them on and no neck adjustment was needed at the time (not to say it wouldn't form later) and the nut was just barely big enough. I loved them but I went back to 13's cause I was bending the G string and it snapped. They're just too expensive and I play my acoustic too much.