Is it normal that when you start using a fresh pick you find it near impossible to play?
Because ive been using 1mm tortex picks for nearly a year now and every time i have to use a new one i find that i have to play into them for at least 2 hours before i can get used to them. Does this mean i am using the wrong type of pick or something?
no, you arent using the wrong pick. and i have no clue why you cant play with a new pick. I love playing with new picks because they're better for pick scrapes and pinch harmonics. (to me at least)
a new pick is going to have slightly different friction, so maybe that's why
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i think it feels weird when i pick up a new one too
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probably cuz there new, and they have more friction since they havent been used much, so they'll be more grippy than slippery
I sorta notice that also. I too use the blue 1mm tortex picks, notice how your older ones have rounder edges at the tip?
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It could be that you want a slightly thinner pick or a pick with a slightly different shape.

I think the best thing would be to try out a whole bunch of different picks.

But... It's possibly to do with oils or coating that the manufacturer puts on the picks that you're sensitive to in your playing, so you need to break in a pick to get rid of that.