I'm looking for intermediate/advanced instruction materials (books, films, etc...)

I would say i'm an intermediate player on my way to advanced level. I am learning sweep picking and getting that down pretty well, and I can play most SRV stuff when I get it off tab (I ain't so good when i listen and play). I enjoy playing Blues-Rock (SRV, Cream, Zep, Early Sabbath) and I am looking for instructional materials like books or movies.

I move around a bunch, from college to home to africa...you get the idea. I can't get a teacher for this reason, 'cause i'm not in one place for long enough. I have a pretty solid grasp of theory, because i can study it at all times, irrellevant of location.

That said, can y'all reccommend some books or films that would improve my playing?
The Blues and Beyond - Robben Ford
Paul Gilbert's Terrifying Guitar Trip - Paul Gilbert
Rock Discipline - John Petrucci
Guitar Secrets - Joe Satriani

I'm pretty sure that all of these are available through Amazon.