What should i get with this? my choices are:
2000$ guitar
about 1,200 dollar fender with half a half stack (ex. just the head..... )
or just an amp half stack

currently i have an amp not worth mentioning, and a fender strat standard. mexican.
Definatly put alot more into the amp than you do the guitar. If you spend about $1500 on an amp and $600 on a guitar, you could get some very nice stuff. Or you may just need a combo in which case you'd have more to spend on a guitar. What styles do you play? Size crowds? Just fill out the basics to start off with. (aren't all standard strats mexican?)
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If you gig or plan on soon gigging, I would say spend the mojority on an amp. Buy a Halfstack or a larger combo amp, then use the rest of the money to put upgrades into your strat, like new pickups. If not, buy a combo amp for around 1000-1200, then buy a new guitar. (maybe trade in your strat for even more money. Either way YOU have to go try stuff out. Don't take anyones word for what to buy, make sure you play and like whatever you buy, especially when putting that much $ into it.
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so the american fender and 1/2 a half stack are out of the picture?
and there are japanese standrads too.
Why would you want ½ a ½ stack? You can't make noise without speakers.

I'd prolly keep the Mex Strat and buy better pickups for it and a second-hand ½ stack. And I'd still have money left over.

You can get the best pickups out there for around $300, which leaves you with $1800 for your amp and cab--more than enough, really.
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well, if i could get a good strat and a amp head around 1000 dollars (possible?) i could be fine...
i no heads dont werk without cabs, but cabs are cheaper.
1. A combo is sufficient
2. You don't need 100 watts (trust me, I gig a 100 watt amp on 2, it goes to 10)
3. Learning how to EQ is as important if not more than the amp itself.
4. The tone comes from the fingers.
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Very true Xifr...if it were me (and it's not) i'd get maybe a mesa F-50 or something, depending what styles of music you play, and then upgrade the guitar with anything that's left over...A standard strat is not such an awful guitar that you should be looking to upgrade at all costs - but maybe get a highway 1 (if you want another strat) or an Ibanez RG/SZ or something if you don't

But the amp should be number 1 priority here, buy that and then get a guitar with what's left over - it's what i did with my ENGL and i don't regret it at all
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i would need to play in an auditorium sized place.
I play possible modern rock, classic rock, and possible blues, so idk if either a mesa or marshall would do the job.
Mesa F-50 can cover all of that, i played one at the london guitar show and it was awesome (but i prefer my screamer )...There's probably some valve marshalls that can do it all too, but i dunno...Basically, you don't need to spend nearly as much as you have, on an amp, there should be enough left over for a guitar as well
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in a word...yes
id sig you but i have no room lol. so ill just bow down to your username

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I'm sure I'll get flamed for this somehow, but go with an Orange AD or Rockerverb stack. Both can handle all the genres you've listed and more. Rockerverbs sound a lot like Marshalls. Find one used if you can.
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