hey i just recorded the first 59 seconds of rose of sharyn by killswitch engage. I recorded this using garageband and a line 6 pod xt, i programmed the drums and bass in garageband. I will complete it one day when i can be bothered to program the rest of the backing track in :P a bit sloppy in some of the overdubs but i'll fix that when i finish it.

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iam a big fan of killsiwtch engage and that was pretty good, just need the whole song and vocals, cant wait to see some mroe of ya covers
wow dude sounds like the real thing, nice tone cant believe that came out of podxt. sure cant wait you to finish it.
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hehe cool cover, i also use garageband for all my recordings... good ol macs hehe. ill be getting an xt live soon so ill be able to test it out in garage band as well. only part in the song i had a problem with was the chorus... theres supposed to be some odd shaped chords in there (for metal anyway)... check out this vid i uploaded... they show u how to play it somewhere in there - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPOfqfCbEiY
hey thanks for the comments, the pod xt model is a jcm800 with a tube screamer pedal simulation infront. Quadruple tracked on all riffs apart from the harmony and chorus which is double tracked for each part. All panned l and r etc .

Yeah the chorus does have a weird chording i actually did two parts to get close to the sound as i am unsure how to pull it off without some insane streching... lol
Tunes, gear and other random stuff can be found in my "UG" profile if you click my name
hey do u reckon when ur done with the musical part, i could take a shot at the screaming? im interested in just mucking around with screaming, i can actually do it, and dont worry i wont butcher ur song. my band played this song live and it went off. cheers.
in the first bit, you'd probably want use a bit more staccato- you sustain some notes that should be cut shorter.

Other than that, great job.

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