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Okay guys so ive finally gotten my strat build started, i just got the body today, and it is a FENDER, not a SQUIER.. okay so I got the body today and i sanded off the back of the body today in the woodshop at my school. So this project is still in the birth phase so i need suggestions on what i should do with it, like pickups and such, i still dont know what the paintjob will please suggest whut i should do....

Picture 001.jpg
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Buy some sort of chemical stripper, and strip the rest of the body. Especially the neck pocket.
nah man im sanding down the rest of the paint once i am done with my biology paper, then i will use my dremel to get inside the pockect and everything, i am prolly gonna put DiMazarios in this one seeing how my schecter's have duncans in em, so i found to my surprise that it is routed for H-S-H and it was a S-S-S pickgaurd that came on it from my friend so, im thinking of puttin H-S-H or S-S-S im still desciding. Post pics later tonite when finish is all off.
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Okay so i decided to post pics today since i got the rest of the finish off this morning, and the fender style tremolo bridge came in today and the strap pins, and the jack plate, and i sanded down the paint and scratches from the pickguard and repainted it white here are the pics, i put mineral spirits on the body to show the grain of the Alder.

And here is the closeup of the grain..

im thinking about a wood finish guitar as my brother seems to somewhat want me to teach him how to play and i mite end up giving this to him as a gift or sumthing so...
yo, that looks pretty sweet.(The wood grain/how it was joined is pretty rad looking.) You ever think about staining the wood, like maybe a darker brown-ish. Then paint the pickguard black. Just an idea, in my opinion, that would look pretty sweet.

But if not, definatly go with the wood finish, better choice than re-painting for this guitar.
yea, im thinking of ordering a tortiseshell (sp???) pickguard today from for like 15$ but thats only if im going to do a wood finish, i dont rlly wanna stain this one, but im not doing anything to the wood untill after this tuesday, becuz my guitar instructor/old friend, has been pushing me to finnally make it and well i started this about wednesday of last week and my lessons are on tuesdays, and i gotta show him everything that ive done to it since..
Do you know what year that body is from? It doesn't seem very new, since there are no CNC holes next to the pickup cavities (the bigger part coverd by the pickguard), which are there on all MIM and MIA standard models made in the last few years.
yea i belive it is a early 90's model or earlier, i dont remember and my friend bought it used so it could even be an 80's but im not sure....its in great condition though so i lucked out becuz i know that it was made before the milenium, so its prolly just as old as me or even happpy with it so far.
okay, so its been a while since ive done anything to it, i finished the body, with some wood polish o show up the woods natural color along with grain. Ive ordered the fender style neck which will be herearound friday..
okay so the neck hasnt showed up yet but hopefully today, i called my local shop guy and he said itd be there today so if it comes in ima go pick it up and put it on...havent ordered the pickguard yet, as i cant spend any money as most of my money goes toward my summerskool bill...turns out i failed math second semester and biology first semester..
okay, so the neck came in today, its a late 60's early 70's fender strat neck... it cost me $110 new so.....i thought it was a steal and i ordered it....

theres just the neck on the finished body

theres the finished body except i dont have my tortishell pickguard yet so pictire that with tortishell pickguard...

heres where i decided to show the guitars i leave in my room at all times..two of my schecters..and my Vox AD50VT

right now ive got $22 left after buying the neck and im debating between buying the pickguard now or waiting and saving for my tuning machines....sumone help...
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You're helping me on mine......I'd say have a look at swineshead pickups, I put one in my les paul, and it is godly......I don't know what the singles are like, but the hums are amazing. I shall be putting two in my biuld :P
PS - your's looks really good so far
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okay so...ill have enuf for my wilkenson tuners by this friday....i found out its an '96 body but its been refinished like twice b4 ive gotten yea....what i did was i cut the headstock shaped down a lil more like the modern headstocks no pics....why would i, ill post em after i paint my pickguard black to see if i like that better than a tortishell....then ill get my tuners, the all i need left is my

3 500K Pots

1 5 way Switch
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okay so, tomorrow i am ordering my pots, switch and jack, as well as my pickgaurd, and tuners.

i will have a black 3-ply pickguard

and wilkinson ez-lock tuners...

then all i wll need left is my pups....i have to wait about another three weeks or so for those.....
Looking nice, sorry if it was asked but how are yo ugoing to finish the body?

Ok btw, may I suggest a 250k pot so the pups wont' sound incredibly bright? Unless you wnated that, that is.
Looks nice

Have you clear coated it? If not, you should.
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sweet work man! I haven't been working on my projects since I've been really busy with a job since I got back... Hopefully, I'll have done some work in a bit... but it's not likely. Keep it up though!
Looks/sounds good.
You any idea what pickups you are actually going to get?
What setup are you having with them?
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yea, i changed my mind on pots i ordered 250k pots instead...

i will have a pup config of S-S-S,

might have DiMazario's

or maybe Texas Overwound Hot in the bridge, cool in neck and middle.

and now i have clear coated it yet, im still not done with the wood polish it needs another coat or two.
Swineshead? I mentioned them before I know, but they're good. Also Fender do special packs, my friend bought one to stick on his squire, and it now actually soudns nice :P
Good luck!
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swineshead will be pricy, unless i find a place in the us that will sell em...

- 3 250K pots

- 1 5 Way Switch

- 1 Mono Output Jack

- Wilkinson E-Z-Lock Tuners for Fender Headstocks

- 3 Black Strat Replacement Knobs

- Black/white bind pickguard, S-S-S

That cost me $70 shipped...ground shipping so will be here in a matter of like 4 - 5 days.

I have $2 left over, thats my new bank for my pickups....hopefully soon!
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You should have gone with the Sperzel Trim lock tuners, their a bit more pricey but definitely worth it, I've put them in my les paul, my strat, and my SG. I would've mentioned it sooner but I just started reading this.

If your going with S-S-S pickup configuration then I would highly recommend putting a DiMarzio Hotrails in the neck, those are some super high gain pickups, the highest gain single coils made I believe, unless your not into heavy and high gain tone. But I suspect you are since it is clear that your favorite brand of guitars is Schecter.

You also might want to consider using an S-S-H pickup configuration, especially if your into a heavier sound. I also agree about leaving the body unfinished, that wood is just to nice to cover. And you'll probably be happier with the black pickguard instead of the tortoise shell, the black will go really good on that guitar, especially if you use a butterscotch blonde finish. But thats just my opinion.
thanks for the thought, cant go S-S-H cuz i ordered my S-S-S pickguard today, they should be here when im in summerskool, so when i get home from that ill be able to put everything on....yea ive had good times with wilkinson's as this is not my first build and i used them on my last build and they worked out build will probably be my best one yet and my most expensive one, still thinking on the style for it.....but thanks for the input man, keep it comin and this guitar will be finished in a matter of im going to bed as its 1:52 A.M over here

so LPM if you read this i expect to see sum work done on your bass by the time i wake up in the morning....good luck over there in Austraila
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Looking nice, sorry if it was asked but how are yo ugoing to finish the body?

Ok btw, may I suggest a 250k pot so the pups wont' sound incredibly bright? Unless you wnated that, that is.

its is going to stay that color, unless later on i wish to paint it, but im not sure, prolly gonna leave it, its not stained, its wood polished, if you dont know what that is then ill tell you, its a polish for wood that takes the natural color of the wood, and pulls the grain upward to show more of it, it also puts a shine to it depening on how much you put on, you can tell the difference between the back in my first post and the one with the first coat on, its not bare wood as it seems, well now im off to finish the second coat.
okay so i put the second ad last coat of wood polish on the body just about 20 minutes ago, even while its drying it looks beautiful, so different as well!

front view

back view

will get electronics soon...
Nice, hope it looks better with all the hardware on, the extra red is uber-distarcting.
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OH yea tell me about it, the red will not be seen unless the pickguard is off...i totally made sure about it as well....otherwise i would have gotten a paint stripper and done that but i didnt need to so why waste my money....

EDIT: I put a third coat on it right before i went out to eat, it will look a lot nicer when finished ima take it out of my garadge at 11 tonight then let it help air dry in my house..

Hopefully this will look and sound amazing by the time im done with it
Very nice! What wood polish did you use? And what sanding protocol? After every application? After 2? And what grit? Thanks. Loving the natural look. The body I have right now is kinda blah and was wondering if I can bring out the grain through the stuff you used.
well ill get the name in around 10-15 minutes when i go back downstairs, the only way you can get it tho is thru a special order, its actually meant for wood, but it came in a package of gun blueing (blue-ing) solution, for those of you UGer's that also know guns, the polish came in that package, i dont know if you can get it just by itself, ill get pictures of it,

There is no need for sanding with this polish...but heres how i have done it...

80 grit to take original finish off
180 to smooth and help fill wood pores
240 to smooth even more and prep for finishing

Then put MINERAL SPIRTS or WHITE SPIRITS on the body which will clean and prep sufaces for painting/finishing

Then Sand with 400 Grit and the wood polish to fill the pores with the polished wood that comes off with the 400 grit, after a coat of sanding with polish.

then comes one full body coat of wood polish HAND RUBBED OIL! i cant stress that enough...

let it settle for 4-5 hours (should feel tacky)

then buff it out with a cloth, preferably cotten

then in 1 week put a second coat on.

then let the second coat settle for 3-4 hours (should feel tacky)

then put another coat on, let that sit for 5-6 hours, then buff it out with a cloth (preferably cotten)


hope this helps, ill get the pic for the wood polish in a lil bit, Updates as soon as my order arrives! (HOPEFULLY SOON!!)
hey man, thats looking awesome. its the wood actually has pretty good grain lol

**gives love** schecter and LPM joke
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Very detailed step-by-step. Thanks bro!

With what I have observed, learned, and noted in the builds/mods of LPM, Step Betts, Dookie, 12stringtex, Calum, slashnmash, you, etc., I should now have the best-looking mod But since all of my previous experiences have been bits and pieces such as PU upgrades, neck replacements, etc., and not really extensive mods, I'll be happy if it looks better than when I started.

*will go to the wood-working shop to get some of that wood finish goodness and white or mineral spirits*
No it's just that it so light colored, it reminds me of a maple hardwood floor.
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