Im going mainly to see Mars Volta, who is playing first, then Red Hot Chili Peppers play after them.

Anyone here see either of them live and can give me some info on what to expect?
i'm going too
should be awesome.
neither seen either of them before but i've heard a lot...

mars volta is apparently not too good live (kinda obvious... record stuff is hard to reproduce) but if you like them, you should like them live is basically what i've heard

and RHCP are just crazy.
they're loud tight and just all over the place live (i've seen a lot of live footage)

should be an amaZing concert.
Yeah same here hopefully, Im going just to see The Mars Volta are sooo sweet, I hear they cant totally reproduce there album quality but then again that'd be pretty much impossible, but I hear they still have really cool jams and people I know whove seen them say they are amazing.
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Yeah I'm going to. Not happy with the seats but I'm glad I'm going.

Yeah, I got ****ty seats, but as long as I can see the stage, and hear them, im fine.
I went to see mars volta support the chilis a couple of years ago and they were both pretty awesome. Mars volta were really experimental and improvised a lot, and the chili peppers were simply awesome. However, it was at docklands arena which was a pretty crappy venue.