Why do people hate Kirk Hammet so much? I have a feeling a lot of this tension derives from unrecognized guitar players who far exceeed Kirk in technical prowess.

Personally, I feel as though the man commands respect. Maybe you can play faster and better, but he is still a great guitar player. When people reach the level that Kirk has, do they walk around telling everyone how much they suck? Of course not! Think he uses his wah too much? Tough, that's his style. Would you argue SRV used his Tubescreamer too much? Last, but certainly not least, he's a great songwriter. I'm not sure what exactly he is specifically responsible for, but he fit into the bigger picture that is Metallica and contributed to their efforts. Metallica as a whole were able to produce beautifully crafted songs. Listen to Master of Puppets and One by Apocolyptica. If you don't like the sound of a distorted guitar, this is an excellent medium to experience masterful song writing.

That's all for my arguement. And keep in mind, this really isn't an arguement. I just can't understand why people hate the guy. And please, spare me from comments like "He sucks." That's simply not valid. I hear it about Yngwie all the time. You might not like what he does, but he can play the guitar.
well put, tanman
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