so i've decided to learn the solo in crazy train by randy rhoads. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips that could help me in this. I don't have a whammy bar by the way and im wondering if thats going to be a problem. I've been playing for about 2 months now. Thanks.
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go learn it instead of making threads about it.....
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Take it slow at first then build up your speed, but make sure your playing is still accurate and clean.
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2 months? wow, your gunna have to work extensively to get it down.
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how long do you think it would normally take a person to learn the solo? i'm not expecting anything in like a day or two, i know its gonna take a long time.
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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
a normal person whos been playin for 2 months...prolly 4 months to get everything right. it took me maybe 2 weeks after 1 year and a half. it all basically depends on how much u practice. more practice, the faster you learn
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What do you mean normally? It greatly depends on how long you have played, how familiar you are with the song, how much time you spend. For example if you have played for a year or so and wanted to learn the solo from Stairway to Heaven. If you can sing the solo and know what a minor pentonic scale is, then the solo can be learned in an hour. However if you aren't very familiar with the song and don't understand the structure the solo is based on, then it could take a week.

You would be lucky if you could learn it in a month. I do not think you skilled in any of the techniques in the solo, so that will make it that much harder. However, I could be wrong. But I still would be surprised if you were able to play it properly within two weeks.
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it took me a week after 6 months...then again im 6+ hours a day practicing...but yaeh i learned it on my les paul and u can do it without the whammy, he only uses it at one point and its a half step dive, jsut slide its easier than with a bar, well thats just me
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Haha, I have to do that for class next week as a final project of sorts. I am damn lucky I learn EVERYTHING by ear. I made some slight variations in the solo as far as the arrangement goes, but I matched Randy's speed. Just try your best at it, or improvise.
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eh, I learned it besides the last run before 2 months...

don't play it unless you can make it sound good though
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haha, ive been playing for ten months(to the day) and still cant keep up with randy and i play 3+ hours a day
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Well... I got crazy train in two days...
when I pinned all the crazy train solo's i was almost playing a year...
just take it slow and easy at first and pin everything in your mind...
If you can't do the pairs of two fast taps at the beginning, just play it as a single tap, or play it like this:

If you have trouble repeatedly hammering on certain notes really fast, substitute the hammer-ons with taps.

If you haven't already done so, get used to tapping with your middle or finger so you'll be able to pick immediately after tapping rather than regripping the pick after every tapping section.

EDIT: It might be helpful to eliminate a few notes on the last run and make it easier for your fingers. I did, and it doesn't sound too bad. Not quite like Randy, though...
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i have been into the tapping in like the "one" solo. and this tapping threw me off. i'm trying to learn it now. but learn to do the taps right, then you will be better at them.
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