Has anyone tried both pedals? i'm thinking of getting one of those two. Any expriences with it would be great and if you need info on the stuff i have here it is:

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i dont know the specifics of your amp, but assuming its tube, get the overdrive, or at least AN overdrive. might want to look into Ibanez ts-808 or maybe ts-9.
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I just bought the OD 20 two days ago. I'm not a great guitar player, so I'm sure I have yet to tap it's potential, but I love it. Lots of different great tones, some great features. I recommend it, but consult with someone who has used both. I don't have much to compare it to.
The OD-20 is a nice little distortion proccessor that I use, but I plan on trading it in sooner or later. It doesn't nail all the features of the distortion pedals it models (ala the 3 band EQ on the MT-2), but it does a good job modeling them. The Boss distortions are of course the best and you can get some whacky fuzz settings on it.
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