Ok, i play bass in a band called Folsome. www.myspace.com/folsome. Anyways, we have gone through 2 rhythm guitarists, until we relzied were going to be a three piece with one guitar. Are last rhythm guitarist, who had to quit the band, because of work issues, made one song with us. He brought in the rhythm and basically the jist of the song, we added awesome keyboard, really great bass notes, when changing the chords and what not. Any way, once he quit, we stopped playing it (even though we loved it). At are last practice, are current guitarist started playing it. And we fell back in love, and that leads to are dilema. Are ex g man, brought this riff into the band, and now he is gone are we allowed to use it??.
just ask him, technically he owns the riffs/music. But if he agrees that the song as a whole belongs to the band then it's all yours. But to be safe I'd get it in writing if you plan on taking it seriously or else he could change his mind if the song gets popular.
thats a good idea, i hate to brag or anything, but this song is quit good for are age, and experince. So you never know how popular it would get.
any other thoughts or opinions, i want alot to think about on this subject.
Asking him is just about the only option there.

Apart from stealing the song.

But that's not an option.
Ok, i think i got a consenus, it would just crush us if we lost this song, so i'am so scared of what his answer will be
you're screwed either way. you're only chance is that he says yes. if you can't steal it, and you can't really stop playing you have to talk to the guy, and the worst thing that could happen would have been the inevitable anyway.
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I'd ask him if was okay, but if there's static between you guys and him, then yeah, you're screwed. I know that I would hate for someone to steal somethin of mine without asking...........PS: It's spelled OUR, not ARE.
but if there's static between you guys and him, then yeah, you're screwed

Thank god, there is not, were still friends. Him leaving the band was striclty due to him not being able to practice anymore cause of his job. and he thought it was best for the band, to go on without him. We left on great terms!
Since the others gave good advice let me add something. This is a common reason why I have suggested in my band that only 2-3 people write songs. Most of our songs only have 1 or 2 writers and we are a 6 piece band. There was one situation where everyone suggested EVERYONE get songwriting credit for the songs since everyone was giving arranging advice and everyone wrote lyrics. Well, our drummer quit the band for other reasons a few months after that. What were we supposed to do if he had parts of those songs?

There was also a situation way back when our current rhythm guitarist (who has played with some of us members for years) had to leave the band because of work (sound familar) ... he had full songs and some of them included our most popular songs known by fans. When we talked to him about it .. he told us we could have it but just give him credit since he probably wouldn't play it with another band. He came back to us a month later after quitting his job for the band.
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I aksed him today at school, and he said no, but not in like a angry stern tone, kinda like a happy, joking tone. I told him if he let us have it, we'd give him full credit for this song, and like give him some cash, to sweeten the pot. He didn't really give me a final answer, i'am hoping by tommorw he will. Man, i hope he gives us a positive answer, we love this song so much, losing it would be like losing a loved one. !!!, wish me luck.
if he's cool he won't have a problem w/ it, i have people jamming some of my junk around and to me it's totally a thrill, they like it enough to keep playing even when i'm not around!
You've gotta work out who owns what incase of a breakup. I pwn all but 2 of my bands songs since i wrote the guitar and lyrics for them.

The other song written with my bassist, well if we ever break up we'll just use what we came up with with out new bands and such.
Yah i'am with you, z4tweeny, i love when people play my stuff, it makes me feel like i made something good. Good enough that others want to play it. Yah i think he is cool, the other thing though, is he told me today, he doesn't plan on getting into or making a band, or doin any solo stuff. So i don't know what use that song is to him, but it is his. And what do people think of the idea, of us paying him like 100$ for the song.