I was wondering what peopel know abotu basswood? Is it a quality wood for guitars? I have a scheter omen-6 and its made out of basswood and i believe a fiberglass coating possibly? i was going to install new bridge pickups... dimebuckers but ive heard they dont work well in guitars with certain woods.... just want to know what anybody knows about this
Nothing wrong with basswood. Tons of guitars are made with it, and not just cheapies.
However, it's balanced/bright, and I've heard the dimebucker described as sounding like a chain saw...and a piece of ****. So perhaps not the best choice of pickups.
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Yeah nothing wrong with a good piece of basswood, the biggest gripe I have with it is it's a naturally soft wood.
Basswood is similar to mahogany in tone, though with perhaps a little less warmth. The main differences are how it looks; basswood is pretty plain, so it's not usually used for clear finished guitars.

I doubt your guitar has a fibreglass finish. It's probably polyurethane or polyester.
ya a thick polyurethane is what mine has and mine is basswood, basswood is in the middle of the "tone scale" as its inbetween alder and mahogany which are by the ends and these are probably the 3 most used woods as long as maple as a top in solid-body guitars, if you want a dime-like tone get the actual pup he used, the Bill Lawrence 500XL, should be fine is basswood though dime used mahogany guitars, basswood gets muddy though so you want to get a clear pickup that will pickup everything but not blur your picking
My WI14 is made of basswood and it sounds pretty nice. I've also seen some higher end guitars made of it as well.
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I think they sound pretty nice with warm pickups. I know a fair few Ibanezs are made of them.
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