I am having trouble adding a second guitar to this riff. I was thinking about just playing single notes one octave up but it doesn't sound that great to me. Do you guys have any ideas of what I could add for the second guitarist?

The second guitar had more of a rhythym part most of the time I guess but it could be lead for this. That is basically the main riff. I don't really want to overshadow that riff with anything if you know what I mean.

I'm sorry deo that it only involves power chords. It is for a hardcore band and I can't play full chords with heavy distortion or it sounds like ****. This is the rhythym riff, so I need to add to it. I don't have a clue what to add though.
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okay, I assume this is the kind of thread Troy wants me to report, so please go post this in the correct section and I'm sure you'll get much more help there. sorry man. *reported*

Where should it be? This is songwriting and I am writing a song.