ok so i got a new guitar this christmas meaning that the guitar is fairly new i have played it quite a bit...well today i got together with some friends to start playing together and maybe get a band together..my input jack where the nut goes has always been loose or always getting loosened and never staying tight..we were getting to start playing stuff getting used to it all when my guitar out of no where just starts messing up. then it wouldnt even get sound. so my friend told me that maybe it was the jack input because his was real loose and that he has had to take it to shop to get it rewired so if anyone knew anything i could do that would be really good because if there is something i could do and get it fixed before takin it to tha shop it would be real helpful. thank you for your time. thank you.
tighten the nut before you get to the point of killing the thing? it's just a few turns of the fingers.
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This happened to me, as well. I had to get it rewired, so I don't have any other ideas.
9 chances out of 10...its your cable, go buy a new cable and it will most likely work fine.
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dont be afraid to open up your amp for god's sake... you usually would find a connecting wire cut off from THA jack...

connect it using a soldering gun...

use your logic, it would help a lot locating the trouble...

tighten tha bolt after the job...

and dont forget to unplug your amp, even though its not a tube amp but it still poses some potential shock hazards...
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yeh i tightned the nut and nothing happend i tightened it enough where it should stay and nothing still happend im getting a buzzing noise the noise you get when you touch the cord on something im getting that from the amp and when i have the plug plugged into the amp and i touch the strings im getting that same noise...
my input jack where the nut goes has always been loose or always getting loosened and never staying tight

Im not sure what exactly that means. It may be your input jack but another thing may be your pickup selector switch. If you have some experince and confidence with electronics you can open up your guitar and check thigns out foryourself. first you can check the jack by unscrewing it and having a look at the jack itself. Check for any corrosian, loose wires, the contact with the plug still in place. If there is corrosian, simple get yourself some sandpaper and LIGHTLY sand it off. If there are loose wires then solder them back on. If you dont know how to solder ask someone experinced to do it for you. It shouldnt take long.

After checking the input jack you can also check the switch as i said. Check what you did for the jack input, corrosian and wires. If you can't find anything then I'm out of ideas. Good luck with it
and its not the amp cause i was on someone elses amp and it was messing up so i switched amps to see if that was it and it was still doing it and then i even switched cords and it was still not working uhm farglasas how much did it end up costing you to get it rewired?
Well that happend to me... although it could be:
1. Cable
2. Input jack (both to the amp and the electric)
3. Pick up switch

check for loose wires and corrosian wires...
but if you can't find anything in the head of the cable...
it could be somewhere inside the cable... (I got a cable that's exactly like that)
well if you don't want to do those then have it checked at a shop...