best pickups for my soapbar 2.....i have the standard p-90s but i might want to upgrade i want a more of a crunch tone but sort of clean to like i want to rang from like hardcore to angels and airwaves type sound price range is around 3-4 bills
you're not going to get a hardcore sound from soapbars. Soapbars are meant, really, for lo-fi rock and searing blues. I have the same guitar. Umm...you can look into replacements by Rio Grande (find them at www.warmoth.com under pickups). If you have a little more to spend, and it seems you do, check out www.sdpickups.com. The guy will talk to you about your gear and what sound you're looking for then custom wind a set of pickups for you. But again, you might be chasing a red herring here. What kind of amp are you using?
Hi, I'm Peter
ive gotten pretty good tone im using a marshall 100 watt mg (which i love os ya everyone hates them but i dont) and i have gotten alot of distortion but if required i will save up for a new guitar........i play angels and wirwaves and like punk music but i like some hardcore..........how much to sd pickups cost
A set of 3 for a Strat costs $240, so I would imagine a set of soapbars would run you around $200-250.
Hi, I'm Peter
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Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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