i want to know your picks for the top pickups out right now i like emgs like the ones in epiphone zakk wylde's and i want to knwo what kind i should get for my prs
The ones in the Epi ZW are EMG-HZ4's. They are passive and not so great. The ones in the gibson are active, 81 and 85. The are color coded; 81 - silver, 85 - Gold, 60 - Grey, 89 - Orange.

The personally love EMG's, and I've heard good things about the bareknuckle Warpig and Nailbomb.
ya i see what you mean i mean i played one and the way it set up was a little bluesy and i want hard rock so im thinking about the gold ones.....
What's yer style ??

If you play BLS (which you probably do), then BareKnuckle Warpig, its up to Ceramic or Alnico V....... or BareKnuckle MiracleMan (softer than the Pig)

Or if your kinda broke, Swineshead X-Bucker or the Swineshead Warthog (softer than the Xbucker)

Or if you're really desperate.............. Kent Armstrong Motherbucker !!! I heard it was the heaviest (Thx Dave and friends)

For active ones........... dude, I hate drilling holes on my guitar...... And someone already posted them above !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!